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This page is for kids and parents who are brand new to Highland Dance. Maybe you saw it at a Highland Games and are looking for more information about classes and competitions? Welcome!

These are the first dances your child will be learning. Most teachers encourage kids to compete when they feel they are ready, and not to worry, you can start competing when you just know one or two dances, by no means do you have to enter every dance in your category. Your teacher will advise what to enter. In competitions, Primary is the category you would start in, unless you are age 7 or older, which you would then start in Beginner.

Note that your child may learn different steps to some of the dances. You will notice at competitions that not all dancers do the same steps, and that is perfectly acceptable. Your child’s teacher will start with steps that are suited to your child’s ability and strengths.

Beginner Dances:

Pas de Basques (Primary)

Pas de Basques & Highcuts (Primary)

Sword (Primary & Beginner)

Fling (Primary & Beginner)

Seann Triubhas (Beginner)

Scottish Lilt (Beginner)

Flora MacDonald’s Fancy (Beginner)

Search on youtube.com to see some examples of dancing, or better, come to one of our competitions to watch! :-)

BCHDA Competition Secretary - Leah Holland - Email: bchda.competitionsecretary@gmail.com

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