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BCHDA 2021-22 Winter Competition Series #1

  • Saturday, October 23, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Riverside Community Church, 2329 Fremont Connector Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 0M3


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • Base Fee for Competition is the SDCCS Fee ($1) and SDBC Fee ($1)
  • Special Non-Member pricing of $25/day/dancer
    Additional Fees of $1 SDCCS and $1 SDBC fees

    If you have more than one dancer, or plan to attend more than one of our Winter Competition Series Events, please become a BCHDA Member

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BC Highland Dancing Association
Winter 2021-22 Competition #1

Saturday Oct 23, 2021

C-BC-CO 211005

Riverside Community Church

2329 Fremont Connector, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 0M3

Download the Detailed Event Information:

BCHDA Winter 2021-22 October Competition Information

   PRIMARY - PDB, PDB & HC, Fling Sword
   PRIMARY Awards
   BEGINNER & NOVICE - Fling, Sword, Seann Truibhas, Trophy Fling
   INTERMEDIATE - Fling, Sword, Johnny, Laddie
   Pre-Premier Awards

AFTERNOON ENTRY  -  12noon (or after Pre-Premier Awards)

   PREMEIR - Fling, Sword, Seann Truibhas, Laddie


We are thrilled with the prospect of a return to competition and are looking forward to seeing you all! To allow for maximum flexibility we will be running each closed competition as a separate event and will be announcing dances prior to each competition. Dancers who wish to do only one or two competitions instead of the whole season will have the option to do so.

The dates for each closed competition are:

  • Saturday October 23, 2021

  • Saturday February 5, 2022

  • Saturday March 5, 2022

This event is being held in compliance with all Provincial health and safety orders, and facility requirements for Covid-19. It is open to BC dancers only.   

Masks are mandatory.   Dancers may remove their masks while competing.  Proof of vaccination required for those 12 & Over.

On the day of the competition, if you or any household family member has symptoms, has been diagnosed as having Covid-19, has been required to quarantine or self-isolate within the previous 14 days, or has been out of the Country within the previous 14 days, please stay at home. Do not attend if you are feeling unwell, experiencing COVID-like symptoms, or if you have been asked by Public Health to self-isolate.

Our goal is to allow our dancers to compete in a safe, calm, inclusive and positive environment. We appreciate unexpected situations that may arise on the day that may require action that is meant to protect our dancers, judges, volunteers and other participants. Please be respectful of all requests or you will be escorted from the facility.


Morning Session Dancing will not begin before 9AM


Pas des Bas

Pas des Bas & Highcuts

Fling (4)

Sword (2&1)


Fling (4)

Sword (2&1)

Seann Truibhas (3&1)

Trophy Fling (4)


Fling (4)

Sword (2&1)

Seann Truibhas (3&1)

Trophy Fling (4)


Fling (4)

Sword (2&1)

Johnny (4)

Laddie (4)


Fling (4)

Sword (2&1)

Seann Truibhas (3&1)

Laddie (4)



Additional Information


Opens Sunday September 19th at 7:00PM PDT

Cash Prizes for all Premier Events

Please renew your BCHDA Membership

BCHDA Competition Secretary - Leah Holland - Email: bchda.competitionsecretary@gmail.com

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